The Solidarity Economy is the next evolution in economic development, supplanting the current economic system with a more compelling and evolved alternative. It takes the principles of sustainability that arose in context of the current economic system, to rebuff its harshest edges, and pushes them further, toward truly resilient regenerative networks of interdependence. It is emergent from the shortcomings of the modern economy, forthcoming from the cracks it created, and taking root in localities ready for systemic change, localities ready for a more self-reliant, caring and harmonious way of interacting and connecting for the common good.

In the Solidarity Economy transactions are no longer nameless faceless monetary exchanges, but rather, bonds creating interpersonal relationships build on respect for all humanity and the ecosystem that provides us our home. It is informed, above all else by the value of equality, among and between all life. It roots economics in it’s proper place, as servant to the deeper and broader interconnectedness humans have with each other and nature. It builds upon traditional wisdom, leverages lessons from the industrial and information ages and integrates modern technology for meaningful connections between people and place; between economy and ecology. It replaces the egosystem of zero sum, winner take all capitalism with ecosystem, nesting our relationships in the knowledge that when one in our network thrives, so then, do we all. It takes as foundation cue he knowledge that diversity equals resilience. The Solidarity Economy is a type of social permaculture, that understands the lessons and wisdom of nature, and attempts to utilize and integrate those ecological design principals though biomimicry, into the economic realm.

With the current global reach of human impact now being felt, these stresses, on the Earth and on our Social Systems manifest from the current extractive economic paradigm are no longer tenable. The externalities created by this system can no longer be discounted, as they mount and now have the potential to threaten our very existence. This system served it purpose in the evolution of human expansion, but the next iteration of  economics, or the management of the Home, is upon us. It is our duty, now, as members of the web of life, to institute a new paradigm, the Solidarity Economy. It is incumbent on us to stand in solidarity with each other, and with nature, to bring about the shift in our interactions, within our networked existence, that rebuild the frayed interconnections caused by the outdated systems of thought which underlie the current paradigm.

This is the Solidarity Economy and it is upon us.

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